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Manage  Your  Family  Office 


For thirty years we have been engaged as senior advisor to and out-sourced CEO or Chief Strategy Officer for wealthy families throughout the United States as well as for royal families of the Middle East and Europe.  We are the quarterback for the family.


     Our assignments and services have included:


  • Structuring family offices, foundations, and governance programs

  • Creating new trust structures and serving as trustee

  • Developing and managing high-impact philanthropy programs

  • Creating investment strategies and conducting manager searches

  • Crafting multi-generational communication and mission programs

  • Drug abuse coaching, educational planning, and counseling

  • Reputational management and family security programs

  • Real estate and personal asset acquisition and management

  • Accounting, auditing, manager assessments, research, and reviews

  • Art advisory, acquisition, de-acquisition, collections management

  • Representation in private equity management and due diligence





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