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Speaking and Coaching

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I learned about public speaking from my dad who was a Dale Carnegie certified trainer and coach.  During my years in the Reagan White House, as a senior aide to the President, I learned  10K lessons from the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan, himself.  As a result, I have been engaged to train leaders and coach them in effective crisis communication, public speaking, and sales training.


I have spoken before countless live and virtual national audiences, small gatherings, family office seminars, sales conferences, spouse programs, and on television and radio.  I won a Telly Award for my production, Hands on the Wall, a Discovery Channel documentary on Thomas Jefferson.  I have taught at three colleges and universities, was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Princeton University, and a published author and columnist for and Real Leaders Magazine. My three bestsellers include: WINNING YOUR AUDIENCE; TRUE REAGAN; FIRST LADY, PUBLIC WIFE. Here are some of y speech topics:

  • The  Rise of Impact Investing and Impact Philanthropy

  • How to Talk so People Will Listen: Destroy the fear!

  • The Disruptive Future of Education

  • Ronald Reagan Taught me how to Speak.  Now I Will Teach You!

  • How to Become an Effective Philanthropist

  • What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why It Matters

  • First Lady Public Wife: The Role of the American First Lady


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